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"striving to spread the same message that saved his life and gave him purpose."

About The One Keon

Driven by faith, purpose and 808s, The One Keon is a mix of high energy, soulful melodies, gospel inspiration, and thoughtful lyricism. With a special interest in blending his faith in Christ into the fabric of his art, he leaves no room for compromise in the quality of music. His lyricism is clear and tailored to not only give you information but to inspire change.

Keon "The One Keon" Walker was born March 2nd, 1993 in Greensboro, North Carolina. He is married to Indya Walker.

​In his high school years he struggled to fit in and find his purpose. During his senior year of high school, at the beginning of 2011, he stumbled upon a music making app on his smart phone and since then has been rapping, singing, and making instrumentals. It was through this app that God helped him begin to discover a sense of purpose in life. Throughout his senior year he made several songs usually about his love life and aspirations.

​At the end of his senior year he was faced with the decision of going to college or not. Going along with what was expected from his family, he went to the University of North Carolina at Greensboro,. (UNCG) 

​Keon had been in regular attendance of church services all of his life but during his first year at UNCG his life took a drastic change. With his new found freedom from being under his parents supervision, he decided to dive into many things he knew deep down were wrong. As he grew more deeply entangled in that new lifestyle he struggled to make good grades but began to better develop his musical gifts. By God’s grace alone, he made it through his first and second year at UNCG, but would not make it to his third year due to a lack of motivation.

His second year was his darkest year. Enticed by drugs & the rapper lifestyle, he wasted much of his time. His now wife, Indya, whom he had met that year was there with him through most of this period and it was only right that God transformed their lives together.

​After feeling demons touching him and being overwhelmed with an unshakable fear, Keon desperately called his Granddad, an elder at a local church. His granddad picked him up, explained what was going on, and spoke the Gospel of Christ. That night, March 1st, 2013, the day before his 20th birthday, Keon believed in Jesus Christ for the first time and has never been the same.

​His wife was awoken during this time and they both began to walk in faith and commit themselves to the Lord. Keon quickly turned his passion for music over to the will of God and less than a month later released his first mix-tape, entitled “Clouds.”

Keon and Indya were married February 6th, 2016, and look forward to doing life with each other. As his career is taking off, Keon, now under the artist name “The One Keon” is performing at several concerts per year with the Gospel of Christ being at the forefront of his message.

Living the by scripture “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy way acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths” Keon aims to live a life in total submission to the will of God, being an example for all to see, in hopes that they repent and glorify the Father in heaven.

"Through thought-provoking lyrics, diverse productions, and a driving passion, he urges all people to put their hope in Christ"

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